Travel Time Modelling – SAGA

The SAGA GIS travel time tools were created to join together and automate a number of processing steps in order to simplify service access modelling. The purpose of these tools is to create a simple open source way of calculating travel time to services to facilitate rapid testing of multiple travel scenarios.

Two tools have been created using  SAGA GIS Tool Chains. The SAGA Tool Chains capability uses a simple xml scripting code that allows the joining of multiple SAGA processes. The two tools produced are (1) for land cover grid creation and (2) travel time calculation, the latter requiring the output of the first. Separating the two tools allows for simpler and faster execution to test multiple scenarios  with the Travel Time Grid creation tool without having to recalculate the base land cover grid each analysis iteration.

The travel time chain tools have been updated and are now included in all SAGA releases 2.2.4 and above. 

Also view this accompanying video: