Terrain Analysis with SAGA GIS

The following video is a basic introduction to some of the digital elevation visualisation and terrain analysis tools in SAGA-GIS using SRTM data from West Timor – Indonesia.


A more advanced tutorial using modelling sediment flows using Landsat 8 imagery.


Following is a short video tutorial showing and example of some terrain analysis (morphmetric) functions with SAGA GIS. This tutorial uses SRTM data for south east Sulawesi but the processing steps will be the same for anywhere.

Berikut ini adalah video tutorial menunjukkan singkat dan contoh dari beberapa analisis medan (morphmetric) fungsi dengan SAGA GIS. Tutorial ini menggunakan data SRTM untuk Sulawesi Tenggara, tetapi langkah-langkah pengolahan akan sama untuk di mana saja.





3 thoughts on “Terrain Analysis with SAGA GIS

  1. Franziska

    thank you for this good tutorials. Do you have any idea how to get help/tutorial for the simple region growing segmentation. Or do you know any good (advanced) manual for geoprocessing with SAGA-GIS. Thank you a lot for help.


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