Saga Tool Chains

SAGA Tool Chains capability allows multiple modules to be joined together to automate and speed up complex processing sequences. Tool chains are similar to the ARC-Map model builder however instead of a graphic interface SAGA uses an xml file to join processing modules. The easiest way to start creating a tool chain is through exporting a files processing history as an xml file then editing it in Notepad ++. The process is quite easy and, as you get the hang of building chain tools, you’ll find them incredibly usefull.

The SAGA team have created a number of Chain Tools that you can investigate to get an idea of how they work.  You will find them in the ‘\modules\toolchains’ folder of your SAGA installation. As I refine some of the tool chains I have been working on I’ll post them here.

I have created a short video tutorial for creating a simple tool chain for processing elevation data. The example produces a catchment area polygon file and a high erosion risk grid based on a LS Factor analysis.

I have created a couple of tool chains to automate travel time scenario modelling. You can download these tool chains and access a tutorial material about how to use them here.