SAGA GIS Tutorials

Following are links to a number of video tutorials for working with satellite and elevation data in Saga GIS  – Full SAGA YouTube Channel here.

Landsat import & display


Through my work in Indonesia and with the North Australian Fire Information (NAFI) service  I could see a clear need for an easy, no cost way to access Landsat data for environmental mapping and monitoring. To facilitate this I was able to support, via the Darwin Centre for Bushfires Research,  the SAGA-GIS development team to simplifying the process of working with Landsat Data.

Terrain Analysis with SAGA GISDEM-YouTube

View a tutorial showing and example of some terrain analysis (morphmetric) functions with SAGA GIS. This tutorial uses SRTM data for south east Sulawesi but the processing steps will be the same for anywhere. View an example tutorial.

Object Based Image Analysis SAGA GIS

An Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) approach to Bombana seg - YouTubeimage classification groups multiple adjacent pixels into polygon ‘Objects’ based on similar spectral characteristics. This differs from standard image analysis methods that classify each pixel in isolation; the OBIA approach generally produces a cleaner map product,.

Using the new ‘chain tools’ function in SAGA, that allows multiple  modules to be linked into one process, the developers have created a new Object Based Image Analysis module that works beautifully.  Below is an example of using this function for classify a mine area in Sulawesi, Indonesia. View an example tutorial from Sulawesi.

Travel Time Modelling – SAGAtraveltime

The SAGA GIS travel time tools were created to join together and automate a number of processing steps in order to simplify service access modelling. The purpose of these tools is to create a simple open source way of calculating travel time to services to facilitate rapid testing of multiple travel scenarios.


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