Landsat import & display

Through my work in Indonesia and with the North Australian Fire Information (NAFI) service  I could see a clear need for an easy, no cost way to access Landsat data for environmental mapping and monitoring. To facilitate this, through the Darwin Centre for Bushfires Research, I was able to support the SAGA-GIS development team simplifying the process of working with Landsat Data. Below are some examples of importing and displaying Landsat 8 with the Landsat import with options module.

NOTE: With SAGA latest release v2.2.1 the “adjust histogram stretch to map extent” tool once selected stays operational as you  zoom and pan around the image until deselected.

Landsat 8 dispay for burnt area visualisation, an example North Australian Savannas

Displaying ancillary data
Ancillary data could include tenure or aerial incendiary flight lines, and can be in shape file (shp) or GPX format.

Exporting image view
Exporting a displayed image map can be useful for reports, presentations, or for using the maps in other (field) software.

The full SAGA burnt area visualisation tutorial is available here.

Import and display multiple image dates, an example from South East Sulawesi

Export image maps for use with other GIS software or reports

Import imagery from SAGA to PDF maps


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