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3D printing – Atauro Island

First test prints from Ultimaker 2+. Atauro island – Timor Leste. Produced from 30m SRTM data.






Sentinel-2 10m imagery

Sentinel-2 is a very new satellite launched last year by the European Space Agency (ESA). Sentinel 2 data has become freely accessible through the Amazon Web Server Site. It’s high spatial (10 meters) and temporal resolution (10 days)  will make it a great extra tool for high resolution mapping.

Below is a series of example images from:

Darwin Northern Australia as a Natural colour composite and using the Infra-red band.



South East Sulawesi Gold mining district as a Natural colour composite and using the Infra-red band.



And finally from Kupang in West Timor (Indonesia) a Natural colour composite and using the Infra-red band.Kupang_Sentinel2_234_19042016Kupang_Sentinel2_348_19042016

You can see a comparison of the image bands here:


Below is a quick video showing how to download Sentinel imagery and load it into SAGA:

The easiest way to view and work with Landsat data.


The import function in the free open source SAGA-GIS software makes viewing Landsat data on your own desktop a simple one step process. There is no other tool, free or commercial providing an easier way to import and visualise Landsat data.

The SAGA tool combines three separate functions into one easy dialog box.

  • Re-projecting: Landsat data is by default in a UTM North coordinate system which is problematic for southern hemisphere scenes and people who need their data in a geographic (lat/Long) projection. The Landsat import tool allows you to select the scenes UTM hemisphere or geographic coordinate system
  • RGB composite display: The import tool allows you directly choose a red, green, blue band combination to display direct on import.
  • Contrast enhancing: On import the band combination of choice will automatically appear in the map display window with a histogram stretch applied to produce a scene that is immediately useable. In addition to this SAGA provides a way to enhance the image display on-the-fly based on the current displayed map window allowing the rapid stretching of image data to show the most detail in your area of interest.


Defining Remoteness from Health Care

New publication:

Defining Remoteness from Health Care: Integrated Research on Accessing Emergency Maternal Care in Indonesia. Bronwyn A Myers, Rohan P Fisher, Nelson Nelson, Suzanne Belton.

Complex interactions between geographic and socio-cultural factors affect access to, and remoteness from, health care but research on this topic rarely integrates spatial and social sciences. In this study, modeling of travel time was integrated with social science research to refine our understanding of remoteness from health care.

Access in research gate here.