3D Landscape Printing

A mini version of the large Jawoyn/Nitmiluk print. Exploring landscape learning through tactile (Multi-sensory) engagement.

3D Printed landscape with a projected image overlay. Thia is a 30 tile print (120 cm x 80 cm) produced for the Jawoyn Aboriginal land management corporation. The print will be a permanent installation in their operations off in Katherine, Northern Territory.


Displaying a range of geospatial data over the top of the print supports participatory planning and discussion around key regional land management issues.


Satellite Image




Roads and Rivers


Fire spread simulation.

Villagers in East Sumba (Indonesia) use a 3D print I produced of one local district to discuss issues related to defining village administrative boundaries. Thanks to my friend Norman Riwu Kahu from Universty UNDANA for facilitating this.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-15 at 2.14.09 PM

Disaster risk mapping. This print has been produced to assist in disaster risk mapping by local government agencies in West Timorese villages that are prone to landslide.




A landscape of west Timor with a Travel time simulation model projected over the top. This is a tool for exploring health care access, emergency response and infrastructure development.



I have provided this model to health department officials in West Timor to assist their public service provision work.


Noelmina catchment in west Timor as a 4 tile print. Shown here with shaded relief and elevation data-set projected onto the surface. The close up shows the print with a geo-simulation model of sediment flow rate over the top. This simulated potential impacts from mining within the catchment.




Atauro Island East Timor

A smaller print painted with the help of my 9 yo daughter.