GIS and Agent Based modelling

I have just had a paper published in the looking at remoteness and service access using GIS and ABM.
2017-04-21 11_43_13-Travel_time_SimModel_1 - NetLogo {C__Users_rfisher_Google Drive_Netlogo_Travel_t.pngDescribed are three interconnected applications designed to reduce some of the barriers  to the more wide-spread use of GIS analysis of service access and allow for complex spatial and temporal variations in service availability. These applications are an open source GIS tool-kit and two geo-simulation models. The development of these tools was guided by health service issues from a developing world context but they present a general approach to enabling greater access to and flexibility in health access modelling. The tools demonstrate a method that substantially simplifies the process for conducting travel time assessments and demonstrate a dynamic, interactive approach in an open source GIS format. In addition this paper provides examples from empirical experience where these tools have informed better policy and planning.

Interactive, open source, travel time scenario modelling: tools to facilitate participation in health service access analysis.


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