This Blog is a deposit of a bunch of stuff I am thinking about and working on. A reference resource for myself and others. I have worked with satellite data and GIS for the last 25 years, initially for CSIRO in Canberra, and subsequently for the Northern Territory government in Alice Springs and Darwin. For the last 12 years I have worked on capacity building and research projects in Eastern Indonesia.

  • The Indonesian menu contains information about current and past projects as well as some external links with architecture in Eastern Indonesia and Street art in Yogakarta.
  • Under the ITC4D menu heading I have included most of the training materials I have produced for a range of geospatial (GIS) and SMS applications for my capacity building work in Indonesia.
  • The mapping menu includes a number of mapping topics that interest me, I some of which I have produced training material and or presentations for.
  • The photos section houses a series of areal photos from my work mapping and monitoring fires across northern Australia.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Amy Tremblay_Wong

    Hi Rohan, I enjoyed your lunch time talk this afternoon at AITF “Yak & Snack”. Your talk inspired me to pick up a beginner GIS course this fall and play around the GIS tool that Chris Mallon sent me . Enjoy your stay here in Edmonton.


  2. cplmckenzie

    Your video tutorials would be of more value in learning if time were taken to show the actual steps and processed you use. This is the 3rd video I have attempted to follow, in each you are at one point In the video, instantly something else is displayed with no explanation of how you got there. That is of no use in training by video, Words Are Better.


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